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We Are Plane Sailing Adventures.

But who are we really?

Going back to the beginning, it all started off as the idea that people should live life to the fullest, to quote a movie, "It Comes Down To A Simple Choice Really, Get Busy Living, Or Get Busy Dying"

Plane Sailing Adventures began as 'Jack's Adventures' & was started on November 7th 2015 after Jack's trip to Japan, Jack wanted to share his adventures & try to inspire others to live life to the fullest, it took a couple of years but in 2017 the team grew by 1, Connor came onboard.

The original idea had evolved at this point, the team's message was & still is, Live Big! & the team believe that living big is a very personal thing for each person, for Jack & the team, Living Big is exploring our world & the wonders it has & to share that with others through our content, but for other people, Living Big could be Achieving that dream job you've always wanted, or Mastering a skill, Maybe it's something as simple as having a great time with friends on vacation, whatever Living Big means to you, the team want to inspire you to do it.

This is the foundation of our team & because the team has grown, so the name has changed, We became the Plane Sailing Adventures Team, a group of Content Creators always looking for that next Adventure.

Remember, You Only Live Once, Live Big!

Hi There, I'm Jack Ventures.

I'm a Photographer & Videographer for the Plane Sailing Adventures Team, I'm also the founder of Plane Sailing Adventures, I control the majority of Video Content across our Social Media Platforms.

Together with my brother George, we lead the Plane Sailing Adventures Team on our many adventures.

I am an adventurer who loves learning about new places, & trying new things, whether it's foods, experiences, cultures etc .... but there is only so much you can learn from traditional learning materials so what better way to learn about a place than to jump into a Plane, Train or Automobile & travel right to the source.

In the past my travels have taken me to the west coast of the USA, Japan, Spain & France, I have also been on Safari in Kenya on the African Continent, I have plans to visit much more of the world though, there's always more to learn.

It wasn't until I visited Japan that I decided to start sharing my adventures, & so I started 'Jacks Adventures' & it was okay, it was a start, sometime after my brother George joined the team & then my good friend Connor, both of them are great Photographers, at that point it was clear that our little posse was more than just 'Jacks Adventures' & so we became the 'Plane Sailing Adventures' Team.

You may have noticed several movie quotes across the site, I'm also a huge movie fan, but I've always looked beyond the screen, I love Direction & Film Production & would love to work in movies one day, I'm always looking to hone my craft as a Videographer & one day I know I'll make it.

I & the team are always learning & evolving to the world around us, this is our story, one we want to share, to inspire others to share their stories.

Thanks for coming to our site, be sure to check out our Photo's & Videos of our adventures.

Remember, You Only Live Once, Live Big!

Jack V.

Hello, my name is Connor,

I'm an avid traveller and photographer, The things that I enjoy most in life are going to new places and meeting new people, & finding what life has to offer those that walk the path less travelled.

I have travelled to a handful of locations around the world, my favourite trip I have been on would have to be my month long road trip across America.

On my adventures I love seeing new places, meeting new people and having new experiences.

When I'm not travelling I enjoy watching films, playing games, hanging out with friends and family & watching/reading anime/manga.

I am a Content Contributor to Plane Sailing Adventures so check back here regularly to view my photos from my adventures.


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