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Great Lake And A View

Jack Ventures

Hi, I'm Jack Ventures,

I'm a Videographer & YouTuber, my passion is Exploration & Education, I love experiencing (& Learning About) new locations, new food, new... everything.

I travelled before starting my YouTube Channel. When I was in Japan for the first time I decided that I wanted to share my passion with others & try & inspire others to share their passions whatever those might be.

I always aim to create the best content possible, If I'm creating the best content I can then there is a chance that maybe, just maybe I can inspire others to take a chance, I also aspire to keep learning & hopefully share learned knowledge with the community, no matter how old you are, I believe you should never stop learning.

My most memorable trip [So Far] was the road trip I went on with a very good friend of mine, Connor, we travelled over 8000 miles in just under 40 days, travelling around the West Coast of the United States, it must be said that it is a beautiful country to travel in.

You can follow me & the team on the YouTube Channel, Instagram, Twitter & Blogger, & don't forget to check in regularly at the Jack's Adventures Galleries where you will find all the photos from across all of our  Adventures.

Never Forget, You Only Live Once, Live Big.

Jack V.

Hi, I'm George.

I'm a photographer primarily but I also contribute to the Jacks Adventures website by regularly uploading photographs from our travels to our galleries showing the best moments of our travels. 

One of my best trips away so far was actually without the Jacks Adventures Team, I went on a Pure Rally Car Event across Europe over the space of eight days & it was amazing, what I saw over the course of those eight days is what really boosted me to get into travelling and really exploring places where we travel, It's definitely something I'd look at doing again. When I'm not travelling, I like to spend time playing video games & just generally hang with friends.

As well as my Instagram, I am also a Content Contributor to the Jacks Adventures Network, you can come back here anytime to check out my photos within the Galleries.

George C

George Cheesley

Connor Pullin

Hello, my name is Connor Pullin,

I'm an avid traveller and photographer, The things that I enjoy most depends on where I am of course...

On my adventures I love seeing new places, meeting new people (even though I'm a bit shy and quiet at first lol) and having new experiences.

When I'm not travelling I enjoy watching films, playing games, hanging out with friends and family & watching/reading anime/manga.

I don't currently have an Instagram or YouTube Channel but I am a Content Contributor to the Jacks Adventures Network, check back here regularly to view my photos from my adventures with Jack & the team.

Connor P.

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