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Welcome to Conservation+

Conservation+ is all about Conservation, but you might be asking, What's the plus?

Good Question!

The Plane Sailing Team is dedicated to learning more about the world that we call home, & a huge part of learning new things is acting upon them, Conservation is where we choose to act, but Conservation can sometimes be a little bit of a broad term.

To be specific, our team wants to help to create awareness for conservation efforts to preserve animals & plants, but it's more than just preserving them, we don't want to be left with just fossils, we want to help to keep ecosystems alive, & to help them thrive & if necessary help to create new ecosystems & rebuild what is being lost, we also believe in helping to curb climate change, the climate is changing & while there are natural sources causing this, there is also a large human impact from our industries, human expansion & other sources.

So what's the best way to help?

The best way for us to help is to raise funds for groups & organisations around the world so they can keep working to preserve our world, the animals & plants that call it home & in regards to climate change, there is also lot's of ways for you to help on a local level, go on Google & search for ways to help stop climate change, you'll find more information there.

Is Conservation really that important? The earth has recovered before right...?

It is so very important to protect the diversity of our earth's Animal & Plantlife, our planet's biodiversity is what keeps us healthy & the more species that disappear, the more that Eco-Systems will suffer, eventually, the different Eco-Systems around the world would fall apart & collapse, many of these are already vulnerable.

if we don't work to protect the world we may end up starting a domino effect of reactions that can't be stopped, some believe that this has already begun with the increasing threat of climate change.

The earth has recovered in the past but there were a few differences, in the past everything affecting the planet was completely natural, this time around that is not the case, human industry & expansion is having an impact on the planet & we have a responsibility to try & control this impact & it's effects.

By creating awareness for conservation & making our voices heard we can begin to make a change, forcing governments & large corporations to take action to preserve our natural world, without which we would not survive.

So What is Plane Sailing doing to help?

We are releasing a range of products with Conservational designs to help create awareness, & we'd like to create Conversation for Conservation, we believe this is important.

We are working on expanding Conservation+ to do more than just create awareness, stay tuned here for updates.

Our Conservation Gallery

Clicking on our Conservational Lion will take you through to our Conservation Gallery where you will be able to view our full range of Conservational products available, if you would prefer to wear these designs on a T-shirt, Hoodie or other pieces of clothing please click through to our Teespring page, the link is at the top ^^