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Welcome To Jacks Adventures, After Dark

Jacks Adventures, After Dark

Welcome to the darker side of Jacks Adventures.

As of March 2018, the new 'Jacks Adventures, After Dark' series will begin showing on the channel & Jacks Adventures Network.

This is a special series & one not for the faint of heart, a search for the paranormal.

"I have always had an interest in things that don't fit the norm, so the team & I have decided to feed our curiosity & begin investigating the paranormal to try & find evidence that there is something beyond this existence & to learn more about it" Jack V.

This is an open-ended series which you will be able to follow & maybe in the future you might even be able to join the Jacks Adventures Team on a paranormal investigation.

The filming schedule for 'Jacks Adventures, After Dark' will be listed below along with Investigation Reports & Results for past Investigations, you will also find a list of equipment that we use for our Investigations along with useful advice for anyone wanting to go on their own investigation.

*Please Note that Jack Ventures & the team have previous experience with Paranormal Investigations & such events are not to be taken lightly, before going on an investigation please take care to research the location & history, make sure you know & trust your equipment, NEVER go on your own to an Investigation & When In Doubt Know Your Way Out.

After Dark Investigations

Bodmin Jail Investigation - 8th March 2018

History of Bodmin Jail

The Equipment

P-SB-11 Spirit Box

The P-SB-11 or Spirit Box is a device which can pick up FM & AM radio static, it also has an infrared torch & can monitor temperature changes.

This makes it a very useful device, capable of sweeping across 2 channels at the same time to present the highest opportunity of static anomalies.

It is believed that 'Spirits' can talk through the device using the static frequencies & this has been documented many times with voices coming through the device.

The P-SB11 is a tool I would recommend for any would be paranormal investigators because of it's dual functionality.

K2 Meters

K2 Meters also known as EMF Meters are used for measuring Electromagnetic Fields, generally they are used by Technicians & Electricians but they also benefit paranormal Investigators.

It is believed that Spirits can effect electromagnetic fields & trigger the devices which means these simple tools can be used for communication on investigations.

Mainly using 'Yes No' questions the investigator can find plenty of information about a location or a person from a spirit that is willing to take part.

The K2 EMF Meter should be a part of every paranormal investigators kit.

Sony Sound Recorders

Sound recorders can be a very useful piece of kit on a paranormal investigation.

Their use is obvious but no paranormal investigator should be without one, the reason that they are so useful is simple, human hearing is limited & sounds that fall below a certain level just can't be heard by our own hearing & so we use sound recorders that are very good at picking up anything we may have missed.

These Sony sound recorders have very sensitive microphones & can record up to 40 hours of audio on their built in memory making them very useful indeed but at this point you may be askingWhat are we actually trying to catch?

EVP's or Electronic Voice Phenomenon is what we are listening out for, it's believed & widely documented that spirits are able to produce vocal sounds at very low levels, normally too low for us to hear naturally & so using these devices we can ask spirits questions in hopes that they will respond & hopefully when listening back we will be able to hear what, if anything they have to say.

Night Vision Camera

A night vision camera is an optional piece of kit but one that I think can be useful in the field.

When investigating it's common & generally encouraged to have the lights turned out, this is because when you are in the complete blackness of night your eyes take a back seat & all of your other senses become more alert & responsive, this begs the questions though, how do I document my investigation?

I find using a night vision camera is the best way, not only can you film your investigation in the dark, if your camera also has a decent screen then you can use this to look around without the use of a torch.

I would recommend having a night vision camera on hand if you plan to hold a paranormal investigation.